Elders Grain Company Limited et al. v. The "Ralph Misener" et al., 2005 FCA 139

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This matter involved the carriage of a cargo of alfalfa pellets from Thunder Bay to Montreal. During the discharge of the cargo in Montreal a fire broke out damaging the cargo and the carrying ship. The Plaintiffs claimed for the damage to the cargo and the Defendants counter-claimed for the damage to the ship. The Plaintiffs argued that the bills …

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Strachan v. The "Constant Craving" et al., 2003 FCT 86

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This was an action by the Plaintiffs against the Defendants in negligence for damage caused to the Plaintiffs’ vessel when the Defendant’s vessel caught fire. The Plaintiffs established through expert evidence that the cause of the fire was the ignition of gas fumes in the Defendant’s vessel. The source of the fumes was a rusted gas tank and the source …

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