Adventurer Owner Ltd. v. R., 2017 FC 105, 2018 FCA 34

In Collisions and Ships on (Updated )

Précis: The Federal Court of Appeal upheld a decision of the Federal Court that: (1) the Crown was not liable for damages caused to a ship running aground on an un-charted shoal in the Arctic when the shoal had been the subject of a Notice to Shipping; and (2) the ship was liable to the Crown for the costs of pollution abatement.

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Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's and Soline Trading Ltd. v. Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., 2017 FC 460, 2017 FC 893

In Admiralty Practice, Pleadings on (Updated )

Précis: The Federal Court held it had no jurisdiction to adjudicate a third party claim for indemnity brought by the ocean carrier against a trucker who took delivery of the cargo either unlawfully or negligently.

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Canpotex Shipping Services Limited v. Marine Petrobulk Ltd., 2015 FC 1108, 2017 FCA 47

In Charters of Ships, Other Practice Topics on (Updated )

Précis: The Federal Court of Appeal held that the trial Judge erred in relying upon parole evidence when interpreting bunker supply contracts and further held that the error was sufficiently serious so as to constitute an error in principle justifying review to the standard of correctness.

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Fennelly v. Canada (Attorney General), 2005 FC 1291

In Fish Cases, Judicial Review/Crown Liability on (Updated )

This case involved judicial review of a decision of the Minister of Fisheries to not re-issue an exploratory snow crab licence. During a previous judicial review application (digested herein), the court had made an order that the the Minister of Fisheries re-consider his decision based upon facts he had neglected to consider at the original appeal. After reconsidering the matter …

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Oppenheim v. Midnight Marine Ltd., 2010 NLTD 3

In Marine Insurance on (Updated )

The plaintiff’s barge sank at sea while carrying cargo and while being towed by one of the plaintiff’s tugs. The cargo owners subsequently commenced proceedings against the plaintiff and arrested the tug. The plaintiff advised the defendant, the insurer of the barge, of the action but the insurer refused to provide security or a defence as it was investigating whether …

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Elders Grain Company Limited et al. v. The "Ralph Misener" et al., 2005 FCA 139

In Appeals, Carriage of Goods by Sea on (Updated )

This matter involved the carriage of a cargo of alfalfa pellets from Thunder Bay to Montreal. During the discharge of the cargo in Montreal a fire broke out damaging the cargo and the carrying ship. The Plaintiffs claimed for the damage to the cargo and the Defendants counter-claimed for the damage to the ship. The Plaintiffs argued that the bills …

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Ford Aquitaine Industries SAS et al. v. The "Canmar Pride" et al., 2005 FC 431

In Admiralty Practice, Stays of Proceedings on (Updated )

This action concerned the loss of or damage to several containers carried from LeHavre to Montreal. The damages were estimated at $6 million. The carriage was pursuant to a transportation services agreement which provided for American law and jurisdiction. The carrier under the transportation services agreement was OOCL but OOCL was expressly permitted to subcontract the carriage, which it did, …

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