R. v. MacKay, 2008 NSPC 8

In Offences in a Marine Context on (Updated )

The accused was the owner and operator of a pleasure craft that collided with a buoy in Halifax Harbour. A passenger was killed in the collision. With respect to the test for criminal negligence, the Court said “if his operation of the vessel was a marked and substantial departure from the standard of the reasonable operator in circumstances where he …

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R. v. Broadwith, 2007 BCSC 1910

In Personal Injury and Maritime Law on (Updated )

The accused was the Captain of a houseboat that capsized resulting in the death of a passenger. He was charged with criminal negligence causing death. Although the Court accepted the evidence of the Crown’s expert that the house boat was overloaded and was destined to capsize because of this, the Court held that the Crown had failed to prove the …

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