Adventurer Owner Ltd. v. R., 2017 FC 105, 2018 FCA 34

In Collisions and Ships on (Updated )

Précis: The Federal Court of Appeal upheld a decision of the Federal Court that: (1) the Crown was not liable for damages caused to a ship running aground on an un-charted shoal in the Arctic when the shoal had been the subject of a Notice to Shipping; and (2) the ship was liable to the Crown for the costs of pollution abatement.

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Kuehne & Nagel Ltd. v. Agrimax Ltd., 2010 FC 1303

In Carriage of Goods by Sea on (Updated )

This was an action by a freight forwarder for payment of freight. The forwarder also had the “pen” of the NVOCC and was authorized to issue bills of lading on its behalf. The defendant argued that it was not liable for the freight because the forwarder refused to issue bills of lading with a date of loading different than the …

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