McAsphalt Marine Transport Ltd. v. Liberty International Canada, 2005 CanLII 11794

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This was an application for leave to appeal the decision of an arbitrator. The Applicant was the owner of the barge “Norman McLeod” which it had purchased in China. Arrangements were made to have the barge towed from Shanghai to Vancouver together with another barge also destined for Canada. Prior to the tow the Applicant arranged with its underwriters for …

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Siderurgica Mendes Junior S.A. v. The "Ice Pearl", 1996 CanLII 2746 (BC SC)

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In this cargo case the Plaintiffs argued that an arbitration clause in a charter party should not be given effect to on two grounds: First, that the bill of lading contained a "supersession clause" that did not specifically refer to the arbitration provision and, second, that the Defendant had waived its right to arbitration. On the first issue, the Court …

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