Addo v. OT Africa Line et al., 2006 FC 1099 (CanLII)

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The Plaintiff was the owner of goods that were damaged when the container in which the goods were stowed was dropped at the Port of Antwerp. The Plaintiff commenced proceedings against various parties including the operator of the port where the container was dropped. That Defendant brought this motion to strike the Plaintiff’s claim on the basis that it disclosed …

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Shipdock Amsterdam B.V. v. Cast Group Inc., 2000 CanLII 15071

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This case is of importance in that it reiterates that a solicitor should not file his or her own affidavit on a motion when the solicitor or a member of his or her firm argues the motion. The Court noted that there are exceptions to this rule such as where the solicitor is the only person who can depose to …

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