Conrad v. Snair, 1995 CanLII 4175

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This case involved a collision at night between a Boston Whaler and an anchored unlit sailboat. As a result of the collision, a passenger of the Boston Whaler was seriously injured. The issues concerned the liability for the collision, contributory negligence, and limitation of liability. Both the trial Judge and the Court of Appeal found that the driver of the …

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Daniele v. Creglia, No. 4028-93, (Ont. Ct. Gen. Div.)

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This was an action by a Plaintiff/passenger against an owner/master for damages for personal injury suffered when a small vessel crashed into a breakwater. The Court held that the owner/master was clearly negligent in travelling at an excessive rate of speed and in not maintaining a proper lookout. The only real issue was whether the owner could limit his liability …

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