R v. Wilcox, 2001 NSCA 45

In Fish Cases, Miscellaneous, Offences, Search and Seizure on (Updated )

This case involved a large number of charges against a snow crab fisherman who was alleged to have conspired with two dockside observers to land catches of snow crab in excess of his quota. Amongst other things the case concerned the admissibility of a “fish book” containing a hand written table of dates, names, quantities of fish and values of …

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Valentino Gennarini SRL v. Andromeda Navigation Inc., 2003 FCT 567

In Admiralty Practice, Pleadings on (Updated )

This was a simplified action for disbursements incurred and for ship agency services rendered by the Plaintiff at the port of Taranto, Italy. The case is of interest because of the way a number of procedural matters were decided. The Defendant sought to adduce affidavit evidence that it was acting as agent for a third party. The Plaintiff applied to …

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