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R v. Brendon Fitzpatrik, Port Hardy Prov. Ct. No. 7789 (Oral Reasons.)

In Fish Cases, Offences on (Updated )

This case involved a fisher who was accused of catching and retaining fish in excess of his quota. At trial, the Crown sought to admit evidence from hail reports and daily fishing logs. The fisher successfully argued that the use of these logs violated his right to be secure from self incrimination pursuant to section 7 of the Charter. His …

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R v. Huovinen et al., 2000 BCCA 427

In Aboriginal Rights/Defences, Fish Cases, Miscellaneous, Offences on (Updated )

This case was a test case involving a challenge to the Aboriginal Communal License Regulations. In June of 1998, D.F.O. opened a commercial fishery on the Fraser River which only members of certain Indian bands were allowed to participate in. The accused, all non aboriginals, participated in the fishery by way of protest and were charged with fishing during a …

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North King Lodge v. The "Gowlland Chief" et al., 2003 BCSC 947

In Admiralty Practice, In Rem Actions and Arrest on (Updated )

This was an application to set aside the arrest of the Defendant vessel or alternatively for setting the form and amount of security. The underlying action concerned the sinking of the Plaintiff’s vessel due to the alleged negligence of the Defendants. The motions Judge considered first whether the arrest should be set aside due to abuse of process and noted …

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