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Ahousaht Indian Band v. Canada (Attorney General), 2021 BCCA 155, 2021 BCCA 155

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This is a case that was commenced in 2003 and since then has undergone a 100 plus day trial, at least three appeals to the B.C.C.A. and three appeals to the SCC. Earlier decisions are digested on this site. A condensed summary of the April 2021 decision as prepared by the B.C. Court of appeal is set out below. The …

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R v. Bavin, 2013 NSSC 434

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This case involved a aboriginal fishing rights defence to a charge of illegal gillnet fishing. Upon summary conviction appeal, the appeal court upheld a decision rejecting the aboriginal defence upon the grounds that the accused did not establish the date of effective control by Europeans at the required time.

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