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R v. John Martin Cummins, No. 93472-01 (Surrey Prov. Ct.)

In Aboriginal Rights/Defences, Fish Cases, Offences on (Updated )

This was a test case involving a challenge to the aboriginal fishing strategy which allows aboriginal fishers to fish for commercial purposes under the Aboriginal Communal License Regulations. D.F.O. opened a fishery in the Fraser River for aboriginal commercial fishing and the accused, a non aboriginal (the Reform M.P. for Delta-South Richmond), set a net after advising D.F.O. of his …

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R v. Joe, 2000 BCSC 1100

In Aboriginal Rights/Defences, Fish Cases, Miscellaneous, Offences on (Updated )

This case involved an aboriginal fisherman charged with fishing during a closed time. At issue during the trial was the requirement for notice of a regulation to all persons likely to be affected by it as required by section 11(2)(b) of the Statutory Instruments Act. At trial, the trial judge found that the communal licence issued by the fisherman’s Band …

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