Annacis Auto Terminals (1997) Ltd. v. The "Cali"

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This was a motion by the mortgagee to vary an order of sale. The motion arose because one of the terms of the sale order was that any moorage charges from the date of the sale order to the time the ship left the berth were to be given priority as sheriff’s costs. At the time it was contemplated that the ship would leave the berth within 45 days of the sale. However, the ship remained at the berth 75 days after the sale and it was not apparent that she would be leaving any time soon. This resulted in ever increasing moorage charges which, as each day passed, meant a smaller recovery for the mortgagee. Although the court clearly had sympathy for the mortgagee, it held that the words "liberty to apply" in the sale order did not confer a right to vary the order. The court held that the order was final and binding. The court did, however, suggest that if a motion was brought pursuant to Rule 399(2) that the mortgagee might obtain some relief by way of an assignment of the claim of the dock owner against the purchaser of the ship.