LeCleir Bros. Contracting Ltd v. Canoe Cove Marina Ltd.

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This case concerned the interpretation of a marina moorage contract. The Plaintiff had moored his boat and boathouse at the Defendant marina for many years. The moorage agreement gave the Defendant the right the cancel the agreement and demand the immediate removal of the Plaintiff’s personal effects. It also provided for a right of renewal upon 30 days. The Defendant damaged the Plaintiff’s boathouse. As a consequence, the relationship deteriorated and the Defendant sent a letter purporting to terminate the agreement at the end of its annual term. In response, the Plaintiff purported to exercise the right of renewal. The Defendant argued that the renewal was ineffective as the agreement had been terminated. The court held that the letter terminating the agreement was ineffective as the Defendant had elected to allow the agreement to continue until the end of its terms. The court further held, however, that the renewal clause in the agreement was too vague and uncertain to be enforceable as it did not stipulate the rent payable. The court further held that the agreement was subject to the implied terms that it would not be terminated without good reason and that, in the event of termination, reasonable notice would be given.