Elecnor S.A. v. The "Soren Tourbo" et.al.

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This case addresses the issue of whether the Plaintiff must name all sisterships in a Statement of Claim. The action was originally commenced on January 25, 1995, against the ship "Soren Turbo". The Statement of Claim was renewed on January 15, 1996 for a further twelve months. This renewal was, however, subject to the proviso that if the "Soren Tourbo" had been within the jurisdiction, the Order could be set aside. The owner subsequently moved to set aside the Order on the grounds that a sistership of the "Soren Tourbo" had been within the jurisdiction during the initial currency of the Statement of Claim. The owner argued that the Plaintiff’s failure to include the sistership in the Statement of Claim and to serve her while she was in the jurisdiction disentitled it to a renewal of the pleading. The Prothonotary held, however, that the sistership provisions in the Federal Court Act and Rules were permissive and not mandatory. The fact that a sistership not named in the Statement of Claim had been in the jurisdiction did not disentitle the Plaintiff to a renewal of the pleading.