Intertech Marine Limited v. Menendez (The "Nautica"), 2006 FC 1445

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The Plaintiff and the Defendant entered into a series of agreements for the construction of a pleasure yacht by the Plaintiff for the Defendant. During the construction the parties also discussed the possibility of entering into an arrangement to use the yacht being built to promote sales of further yachts. In anticipation of this happening the Plaintiff said that it …

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Armada Lines Ltd. v. Chaleur Fertilizers Ltd., [1997] 2 SCR 617

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This important case concerns when an arresting party is liable for wrongful arrest. In a ground breaking decision reported at [1995] 1 F.C. 3, the Federal Court of Appeal held that an arresting party could be liable for wrongful arrest merely upon a finding that the arrest was "illegal" or "without legal justification". The Supreme Court of Canada, however, reversed …

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