Alpha Trading v. Sarah Desgagnés (Ship), 2010 FCA 209

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In this matter the respondent had obtained an anti-suit injunction and an order requiring the appellant to release the defendant ship from arrest in proceedings in Belgium. The appellant sought a stay of the order pending the hearing of the appeal. The application was granted. The Court noted that the test for granting a stay required: that there is a …

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Saskatchewan Wheat Pool v. Armonikos Corp. Ltd., 2002 FCA 444

In Admiralty Practice, Stays of Proceedings on (Updated )

In this matter the Appellant applied for a stay of a judgement pending appeal. The judgement appealed from had ordered that the Federal Court proceedings be stayed in favour of London arbitration pursuant to an arbitration clause in a charter party. The court noted that the test to be applied was three-fold: (a) there must be a serious issue to …

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