Omega Salmon Group Ltd. v. The "Pubnico Gemini", 2007 BCCA 33

In Collisions and Ships on (Updated )

The Plaintiff was the owner of a fish farm that was damaged when the “Pubnico Gemini” collided with it. Liability for the collision was admitted and the only issues were in relation to damages. Specifically, the Defendants argued that: (i) the damages should be based on the cost to repair the damaged fish pens rather than the cost of replacement; …

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Deep Shore Marine Contracting Inc. v. The "Polish Princess", 2005 FC 1469

In Ship Building and Repair on (Updated )

The Plaintiff, a ship repairer, brought this action to recover the amount of unpaid invoices. The Defendant counter-claimed alleging the Plaintiff damaged his vessel by failing to protect it from the elements and further alleging that the Plaintiff unreasonably delayed in completing the repairs causing him to lose a sale of the boat. The Prothonotary decided the issues in favour …

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Zhoushan Zhongchang Shipping Co. v. The "Otello Manship" et al., 2004 FC 1181

In Admiralty Practice, In Rem Actions and Arrest on (Updated )

This was an application to set bail. The underlying action was for breach of contract for the sale and delivery of a bulk carrier. By the contract of sale the Defendant was required to deliver the vessel in China by 20 January 2004 which was later extended to 12 February 2004. The Defendants did not deliver the vessel as required …

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