Canpotex Shipping Services Limited v. Marine Petrobulk Ltd., 2018 FC 957

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Précis: The Federal Court found that the sale of marine bunkers was subject to the standard terms and conditions of the defendant supplier where no objection to those terms was raised by the parties to the original Fixed Price Agreement contract, and ordered the plaintiff to pay the supplier with money held in trust, as well as the receiver of the bankrupt bunker company.

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Canpotex Shipping Services Limited v. Marine Petrobulk Ltd., 2015 FC 1108, 2017 FCA 47

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Précis: The Federal Court of Appeal held that the trial Judge erred in relying upon parole evidence when interpreting bunker supply contracts and further held that the error was sufficiently serious so as to constitute an error in principle justifying review to the standard of correctness.

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World Fuel Services Corporation v. Nordems (Ship), 2011 FCA 73

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This case probes the extent to which American maritime liens will be recognized by Canadian courts. Essentially, the issue was whether an American maritime lien would be recognized where bunkers were supplied to a ship under time charter outside of the United States or Canada and pursuant to a contract between the supplier and the time charterer. The bunker supply …

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