New World Expedition Yachts LLC v. P.R. Yacht Builders, 2011 BCSC 78

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In this action the plaintiff alleged that the defendant shipbuilders had engaged in a fraudulent scheme in relation to a ship building contract. The vessel was being built under a contract between the plaintiff/purchaser, NWEY, and the defendant/builder, PRYB. PRYB sub-contracted the labour part of the build to a related company, FCY, also a defendant. Disputes arose during the course …

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Olsen v. The Bank of Nova Scotia, 2011 BCSC 111

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This was an application for an injunction restraining payment under a letter of credit. The letter of credit had been issued to obtain the release of a vessel from arrest and to secure claims that were the subject of arbitration. The arbitrations were decided in favour of the defendant ship builders and applications to review the arbitration awards were later …

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Poirier v. Laurentian Casualty Co, No. 65F, (Ont.Ct. Gen.Div.).

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This case concerned a claim under an insurance policy for theft of a boat and trailer allegedly left on the side of a road when the trailer tire became flat. The Court held that the assured and his witnesses were not credible and concluded the assured had failed to prove his case. In reaching its conclusion the Court took into …

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