SC International Enterprises Inc. v. Consolidated Freightways Corp., 2002 BCSC 767

In Carriage of Goods by Road/Rail on (Updated )

This case concerned shortage to a cargo shipped from Mexico to New Jersey. The shortage was discovered during the course of carriage at Laredo, Texas. The issue in this motion was whether British Columbia was an appropriate jurisdiction. The motions Judge held that British Columbia had jurisdiction to hear the dispute based on the facts that the Plaintiff resided in …

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Nissho Iwai Company Limited et al v. Shanghai Ocean Shipping Company, 2000 CanLII 15777

In Admiralty Practice, Stays of Proceedings on (Updated )

This was an application to stay proceedings on the grounds that Canada was not the convenient forum. The action arose out of the grounding of the "Ning Hai" in the Kurile Islands and the consequent loss of the Plaintiff’s cargo. The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant, as provider of the officers and crew of the "Ning Hai", owed it a …

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