Nuvo Electronics Inc. v. London Assurance et al., 2000 CanLII 22388

In Carriage of Goods by Air on (Updated )

This matter arose out of the loss of 15 cartons of integrated circuits valued at US$1,403,000 and carried by air from San Francisco to Toronto. The shipment left San Franciso on August 10, 1996, and arrived at Toronto on the morning of August 11, 1996. It was then placed in the Air Canada cargo warehouse but was never seen again. …

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Melsa International Inc. v. Adecon Shipping Lines Inc., 1997 CanLII 5001

In Charters of Ships on (Updated )

This was an application by the defendant for summary judgment dismissing the Plaintiff’s action. The Plaintiff’s action was for breach of a charter-party agreement. The Plaintiff and Defendant had entered into a charter-party agreement in the Gencon form. The Defendant was not able to meet the agreed upon loading date and, as a consequence, the Plaintiff exercised its right to …

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