Dugas (Re Bankruptcy) v.

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This case involved a bankrupt fisher who because of poor health, arranged for another person to fish his crab licence. At issue was the extent to which the trustee in bankruptcy could collect the revenue received from the licence revenue. Although it was agreed that the licence itself was exempt from seizure (see s. 2 of the Bankruptcy Act), the court ordered that the revenue from the licence in 2003 was payable to the trustee. From that money the trustee was obliged to pay all necessary expenses relating to the fishery.

Editor’ note: For other cases on Bankruptcy as it relates to fishing licences see:Re Bennet (1988), 67 C.B.R. (NS) 314 (B.C.S.C.); Waryk v. Bank of Montreal (1990) 80 C.B.R. (N.S.) 44 (B.C.S.C.); Caisse Populaire de Shippagan Ltee v. Ward [2000] N.B.J. No. 378 (N.B.Q.B.); Careen v. Fewer & Strathie Ltd. 2003 NLCA 33 (digested herein).

This case was upheld on appeal.

See also 2004 NBQB 200 where an application for discharge is refused.