Hurley v. Power, 2008 NSSC 363

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This case involved a claim by a plaintiff who allegedly paid $130,000 for a lobster licence. Since DFO regulations prevented him from holding it himself, he arranged to have it held by a nominee who later sold it and kept the proceeds of sale. In an action against the various parties involved, the court refused to impose a trust over …

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Radil Bros. Fishing Co. v. Canada, 1998 CanLII 8703

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This case involved a dispute over the entitlement to ground fish quota which was lost when a ground fish licence with a history of large landings was "swapped" with a licence from another vessel (with smaller landings) in order to facilitate the purchase of a salmon licence. In dismissing an application by the Defendant for summary judgement on the basis …

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R v. Ulybel Enterprises Ltd., 2001 SCC 56

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This case involved a Canadian registered ship which was given a provisional registration in Panama without first obtaining a deletion certificate from the Canadian Registrar of Ships. It then fished in the NAFO fishing zone without a licence, which it could do legally if it was a foreign ship, but not as a Canadian ship. Pending the trial, the ship …

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Bornstein Seafoods Canada Ltd. v. Hutcheon, 1997 CanLII 5852

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This case involves a claim by a fishing processor that the two defendants to the action conspired to transfer ground fish quota from one defendant to another, when the defendants knew the quota had been previously purchased by the plaintiff. When the action was commenced, the plaintiff arrested one of the defendant’s vessels (upon which the quota had allegedly been …

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