Saskatchewan Wheat Pool v. Armonikos Corp. Ltd.

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In this matter the Appellant applied for a stay of a judgement pending appeal. The judgement appealed from had ordered that the Federal Court proceedings be stayed in favour of London arbitration pursuant to an arbitration clause in a charter party. The court noted that the test to be applied was three-fold: (a) there must be a serious issue to be tried; (b) the applicant must show irreparable harm will result if a stay is not granted; and, (c) that the balance of convenience favours granting a stay. The court held that the first part of the test had been met as the appeal was not frivolous or vexatious. The court held the second part of the test had also been met in that the London arbitration had already and prematurely been commenced and the Appellant had lost its right to appoint an arbitrator. Moreover, if the Respondent obtained and collected an award, the Appellant would not be able to recover the payment, if successful on the appeal, as the Respondent had no Canadian assets. Finally, on the question of balance of convenience, the court held that the balance favoured granting the stay to avoid the costs and effort of the arbitration and because the Appellant was prepared to post security.