ALT Navigation Ltd. v. United States of America

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This case arose out of a collision 130 miles off the coast of Massachusetts between the F/V “Starbound” and an unidentified vessel. As a result of the collision the F/V “Starbound” sank and three of her crew drowned. The T/V “Virgo” subsequently called at ports in Newfoundland where she was inspected by Transport Canada officials and U.S. Coastguard. Three search warrants were obtained under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and the Mutual Legal Assistance Act. As a result of the execution of those warrants some 98 exhibits were seized. The present application was to determine who would have standing at a subsequent hearing when it was determined what was to be done with the exhibits seized. The intervenors who requested standing were the owners of the “Virgo”, the three crew members of the “Virgo” who had been charged in the United States and were subject to extradition proceedings, The remaining crew members of the “Virgo”, the owner of the “Starbound” and the estates of the deceased seamen. The Court granted standing to the owner of the “Virgo”, the owner of the “Starbound”, the estates of the deceased seamen, the three crew members who were subject to extradition proceedings and two other crew members who “were directly connected to the chain of command” of the “Virgo.