Global Enterprises International v. The “Aquarius”, “Sagran” and “Admiral Arciszewski”

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In this case the Polish trustee in bankruptcy of the owner of the Defendant ships had filed an affidavit of claim claiming the entire proceeds of sale of the vessels for the purpose of distributing the proceeds in the Polish bankruptcy proceedings. An Intervening creditor brought this application to strike the trustee’s affidavit of claim. The Prothonotary commenced his analysis with the observation that parties ought not generally be permitted to strike out each others affidavits. The exceptions are where the affidavit is abusive or clearly irrelevant or is an abuse in the sense of prejudicing or delaying an orderly and fair hearing. The Prothonotary noted this was a heavy burden but did go on to find that the burden had been met. The Prothonotary struck out the affidavit on three grounds. First, the Prothonotary held that the affidavit of the trustee was not a claim in rem and did not even purport to be so. It being a pure claim in personam it was irrelevant and liable to be struck. Second, that as the claim of the trustee was purely a claim in bankruptcy the Federal Court was without jurisdiction. Finally, the Prothonotary ordered the affidavit struck on the grounds that the conduct of the trustee was an abuse of the process of the Court. The abuse consisted of the placement by the Trustee of an advertisement in Lloyd’s List declaring any sale of the vessels by the Federal Court to be illegal. Further, the Prothonotary noted that the Trustee had hampered the efficient and orderly progress of the action by filing appeals which were not proceeded with.