Unitor ASA v. The “Seabreeze I”

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In this matter a claimant alleged that the Defendant vessel was sold by judicial sale to a nominee of the ship’s mortgagee. This information came from various published newspaper reports. The claimant sought to compel the mortgagee to answer questions on cross-examination and to produce documents relating to the identity of the purchaser at the judicial sale, its corporate relationship to the mortgagee and whether the ship was resold or whether there was an agreement to resell the ship. The application was denied by the Court on the grounds that the evidence was not relevant to any of the issues then before the Court. Those issues were the entitlement of the mortgagee to reimbursement for the costs of repatriating the crew and maintaining the vessel while under arrest and for the value of the bunkers on board the vessel at the time of sale. The Court appeared to acknowledge that different considerations might apply when the claim of the mortgagee as mortgagee was considered.