MacKay v. Scott Packing & Warehousing Co.

In Carriage of Goods by Sea on (Updated )

This was a reference to determine the damages of the Plaintiff based upon a limitation of liability clause contained in the contract of carriage. The limitation clause limited the defendant’s liability to 10 pounds sterling per cubic foot of the cubic capacity of the item lost or damaged or, at the Defendant’s option, to the cost of repair or replacement. The Plaintiff argued that as the Defendant did not measure the cubic capacity of the articles upon shipment that it should not be entitled to limit its liability. The court disagreed. The Defendant sought to have its liability in respect of some items limited by the repair or replacement option. The court, however, held that the Defendant had not exercised the repair or replacement option and was therefore not entitled to limit its liability on this basis. The court awarded the Plaintiff pre-judgment interest compounded semi-annually. With respect to costs, the court awarded the Plaintiff its costs up to the time of the Defendant’s settlement offer. Thereafter, the Defendant was awarded costs.