Robin Maritime Inc. v. Chemarketing Industries

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This was an action for wharfage dues. The Plaintiff, an agent for the vessel owner, paid wharfage dues to the Port of Montreal and sought reimbursement from the Defendant, the charterer of the vessel and consignee of the cargo. The Plaintiff claimed that it either paid the charges as agent for the Defendant or that it was entitled to be reimbursed pursuant to the terms of the charterparty between the Defendant and vessel owners. The Court held that the Plaintiff acted only as agent for the vessel owner and had never been appointed as agent for the Defendant. Further, the Court held that the claim for wharfage was made out of time as the terms of the charterparty required that any claims against the charterers be presented within 90 days of discharge. An alternate claim based on unjust enrichment was also dismissed.