The Queen v. The “Western Horizion”

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This was a motion by the Plaintiff to sell the "Western Horizon" pendente lite and a motion by the Defendant to stay any such sale. The Plaintiff was the holder of a registered mortgage against the vessel in the amount of $200,000.00. The vessel, however, was only valued at approximately $60,000.00. The Plaintiff’s motion was allowed by the Court on the grounds that: there was a large discrepancy between the value of the ship and the mortgage; the ongoing cost of moorage could exceed the value of the vessel by the conclusion of a trial; the vessel was deteriorating; and, the Defendant had not come forward to offer to share the moorage or maintain the vessel or put up security of $60,000.00. The Court also declined to order a stay of the sale finding that there was no serious issue to be determined and that the balance of convenience did not favour a stay.