Smallwood v. Hill

In Limitation Periods in Maritime Law on (Updated )

This was an appeal from an order under s. 572 (3) of the Canada Shipping Act extending the time in which to issue a Statement of Claim. The facts of the matter were that a boating accident occurred on August 4, 1990, but action was not commenced by the injured Plaintiff until January 26, 1995 i.e.. 30 months after the two year limitation period in s. 572(1) of the Canada Shipping Act had expired. The cause of the missed limitation period was solicitor’s negligence which was then compounded by the solicitor’s failure to do anything about the mistake when it was drawn to his attention. The Court of Appeal noted that this was a marginal case but nevertheless held that the motions judge had not erred in exercising his discretion in favour of an extension of time.